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Clicca per ingrandireAlghero is located on a small headland north - west facing of the Sardinia coast.

The old town presents influences from the Catalan and Aragonese dominion (started a century afterward the foundation of the town by a family from Genoa the 'Doria'), and Spanish as well.
Alghero also preserves the evidences of these dominion in the languages and in the customs.

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Cattedrale di S. Maria
(Saint Maria Cathedral)
Built in the '500 up a pre-existing religious building.

Chiesa di S. Michele
(Saint Michele Church)
Building of the second half of 17th century, is a important example of Geusitica culture in Sardinia. Inside very interesting sculptures and paintings.
Chiesa di S. Francesco (Saint Francesco Church)
Rebuilt after a fall down, you can look up to the polychrome marble altar.
Torre del Portal ( Tower of the Portal)
It's one of the several tower still present in the town. This high tower was the entrance of the town for the people coming from the country, open from the sunrise to the sunset.

Capo Caccia
Fantastic chalky promontory with a steep rocky walls sheer on the sea and caves. In the occidental side we can find a stairs called 'Escala del Capirol' that with 656 steps we could reach the 'Grotta di Nettuno' ( Nettuno's Cave). Inside, really striking, is plenty of pools, narrow passage, wide rooms, and odd scenario of stalattiti and stalagmiti.


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